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 Sewerage Connection

Providing of Sewerage Connection

How do I apply for sewerage connection?

Request for application in prescribed Performa has to be submitted by the applicant through the licensed plumbers to the concerned sub division officer.

Documents required for new connection.

i.  Application form (click here for application form)

ii.  In case of HUDA, certificate of profession.

  • Plumber certificate

  • Copy of building plan.

What is the cost of Application form?

The requisition form is available free of cost.


  1. The application form duly filled up by the applicant is to be submitted to the concerned Assistant Executive Engineer.

  2. The ownership certificate from the local body/copy of building permit.

  3. After preliminary scrutiny at the subdivision the receipt of the application will be registered and an acknowledgement and intimation will be sent to the applicant.

  4. The application is then forwarded to the concerned Assistant Engineer for feasibility report.

  5. The Assistant Engineer after conducting site visit will submit the application to the Assistant Executive Engineer with feasibility report and observations if any.

  6. The feasible application, which does not require any clearance from other departments (PWD, NH, Local Bodies etc.), will be given a temporary sanction within a week and the applicant will be asked to execute an agreement in 100/- stamp paper.

  7. The customer, then has to remit the deposit and fees for the sewer connection for others, the applicants has to produce the required clearance from other departments (consent/tar cut sanction from Local Body/PWD/NH if the line crosses public road after realizing the restoration charges from the applicant there), and the time limit will be one week after getting such clearance.

  8. After remitting the required fee, necessary work order for the connection is given from the sub division and the application forwarded to the Assistant Engineer of further action.

  9. The application has to give the completion report (inside installation and connected work) through the plumber. The connection shall be given after verification of the plumbing work. The maximum validity of the work order is six months.

Fee Details:

Expected Period – 12 working days.

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