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Registration of Land

What is Land/ Property Registration and Why is it Necessary?

Land or Property Registration refers to the registration to document changes in ownership and transactions involving immovable property. Whenever you buy a piece of land / immovable property, you need to register the same with the authority concerned, so that a legal ownership title is guaranteed to you. This greatly reduces risk of fraud and helps solve disputes easily, in addition to creating and maintaining an up-to-date public record.


How do I get a Registration of land?

Office:  HALRIS Centre in the Tehsil level.

Documents required for registration of land.

  1. Proof of ownership  :      Fard /jamabandi/old registry/accessment/intkal

  2. For verification        :      voter card of two party/ration card/license

  3. If Mukhtarnam        :      verification of mukhtarnama (from where it make)

  4. For unauthorized      :     District Town Planner Colony


Seller and buyer submit the complete document to the registration clerk. Registration clerk verify the document and give a computer generated receipt (Token No.) to the party. Registry clerk handover the document to theComputer operator and computer operator enter the requisite information in the HARIS software.  Computer operator captures the photo and thumb impression through Bio-metric Device of both the parties with witness and the computer and gives the print of registry.Both the parties will sign on the computer print ofthe document as and where required and submit thefinal document to the registration clerk counterRegistry Clerk will collect the required registration / Pasting fees from the applicant and give thecomputer generated cash receipt to the applicantRegistry Clerk submit the document to the CRO for Sign. Concerned CRO will sign on the final document. Out of 3 copies of registry 1st goes to buyer on the same day 2nd goes to record and 3rd goes to patwari.The final copy of the document return to the Token Counter where applicant will received the final copy.

Fee Details:

Expected Delivery Period –  same day.

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