The Jansahayak portal provides an online form for filling-up by the citizen to avail a service. The size of the e-forms created for this purpose is kept to the minimum in size so that it needs minimum bandwidth for transmitting the form to the server. The form is designed as easy-to-use and user friendly and is populated with the necessary information retrieved from the respective backend department systems. All the e-forms have appropriate field level and business validations built into it to ensure that scope for incomplete/inaccurate information is eliminated and the information is captured for all the mandatory fields in the form.


After completing/feeding the necessary field, the applicant can get a printout copy of computerised filled form complete in all respect mentioning in a box place at the right corner, the necessary documents to be attached.


The hard copy of the form contains the self-declaration and the Performa for verification report also.


After taking the print out and attach the necessary documents applicant can submit the complete file at concern e-disha centre.

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How It Works 

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