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Copy of Land Record


It is a document prepared as part of record of rights in every revenue estate. It contains entries regarding ownership, cultivation, rent & revenue & update record of various rights in land. It is revised every five year when a new jamabandi is prepared by the Patwari & attested by the revenue officer. Two copies of the revised jamabandihi are prepared. One copy consigned to the district record room & other copy remains with the Patwari.  One copy consigned to the district record room & other copy remains with the Patwari. In Haryana state jamabandi (ROR) has 10 columns:-

  1.  Khewat

  2.  Khatoni

  3.   Patti

  4.  Owner details

  5.  Cultivator details

  6.  Source of irrigation

  7.  Filed nos or khasranos

  8.  Area & type of land

  9.  Rent paid by cultivator, rate and amount

  10.  Share or measures of right and rule of bachh

How do I get a copy of land?

Office:  HALRIS centers in the Tehsil level.

Documents required for copy of land.

Application form

Note: Person can get the copy of land with khewat no.


Applicant submits the application on the HALRIS Centre at the concerned Tehsil/SubTehsil Office.Is applicant knew his khewat no. khasra no.Computer operator checks the Khewat on the basis of name and tell the khewat no. to the applicant. Computer Operator will generate the ROR (Nakal) of Concerned Khewat in the computer and give the print of Nakal.Patwari deputed on the HALRIS Centre will check the Nakal, sign on the Nakal and enter the Nakal in the Nakal Register. Patwari will receive the Nakal fees from the concerned person and give the computer generated receipt to the concerned person and handover the Nakal to the concerned person.   

Fee Details:
Copy of Land Record = 30 /- per Khewat

Expected Delivery Period –  5 days.

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